Welcome to The Daily Cup! 365 Movies in 365 Days

Greetings and welcome to The Daily Cup. A writing and film viewing project by me, Kyle B. Dekker, presented by Hot Chocolate Media. Since 2012 I’ve been creating awesome film projects, podcasts, plays, and more with Hot Chocolate. This is the latest endeavor supported by the awesome Hot Chocolate team.

A typical representation of a film set. Producer: "AHH MONEY!" Director: "You see this is my vision." Cinematographer: "Check out this shot folks."

A typical representation of a film set. Producer: "AHH MONEY!" Director: "You see this is my vision." Cinematographer: "Check out this shot folks."

What ignited my desire to make films was my love of films. I really love films, all films. It takes a ton of work and bunch of people to make a film. I love to celebrate that work by watching the art that filmmakers create. My obsession started when I was young and I wanted to go to the video store and rent and watch new movies all the time. This task was often made hard by my hyper conservative parents.

In military and college I was able to finally pursue my passion for films unobstructed and I’ve tried to consume almost any genre I can get my hands on, to flesh out my film education and knowledge. Films are always being made so this will always be a lifelong pursuit, but one that I will always love.

The task at hand will be The Daily Cup. I plan to watch 365 movies in the entire 2018 calendar year. I will also write about each and every film I watch. The goal is to expand my own film knowledge and hopefully lead readers to some great films as well. Within this endeavor I have some rules to follow.


1. 85%  (292) of the films have to be movies I’ve never watched before. The remaining 73 can be dedicated to anything I choose.

2. Every film will receive a 500+ word essay with my thoughts and impressions of the film.

3. I can watch more than one movie in a day, but I have to keep up with the one film a day pace. If I want a day off I need to watch and write about two films the day prior.

4. I will let you know how I watched the film (theater, streaming, physical media, etc…) in case you want to track the film down yourself.

5. No ratings, don’t expect stars from me, just words. I will let you know if I liked the film, but I’m of the opinion that there is no such thing as a bad film. Just a film that works for me, or a film that doesn’t. Certainly a film can have problematic content or craft, and I will let you know if I think they do.

6. Feature films only. No television series or short films will count. However documentaries will qualify for the purposes of this project.

I hope you enjoy this adventure, I look forward to sharing it with you. Feel free to send me suggestions of movies I should watch. If I haven’t seen it I probably will watch it just for you. Just send me an email to kyle@hotchocolatemedia.net, or hit me up on Twitter @kbdekker. Have a wonderful day.

Special thanks to HCM's own Jacob Gulliver for the awesome banner art/logo for this writing series.