The Movie Machine

The Movie Machine theme was composed by Chad Dutton.
The Movie Machine logo was designed by Jacob Gulliver.
Sound effects libraries are courtesy of, and their respective creators.
The ending music in episode "050 The Best Worst Night" is by frankum.
The opening music in episode "061 Nihilism Simulator 2017 (Live!)" is by Joshua Empyre.
The opening music in episode "062 Vitamin See: Fruit Bowl Future - VR" is by Joshua Empyre.
The music in episode "066 The Dark Side Of Excalibur" is by Joshua Empyre.
Ben's jiggy music in episode "077 Brunch" is by Jacob Gulliver, download for free here.
The sounds in "080 The Muses" are by Adam Wayne Gistarb and derZruud.
The music in "092 Elegy" is by frankum.
The music in "096 Bad Brothers" is by galaxykidgamma and zagi2.
The intro music in "100 Mind's Eye" is from the OST to Super Academy, composed by Eric Andrade.
The intro music in "113 Calvin & Hobbes" is by frankum.
All Guy Fieri quotes are real, taken from episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Campaign Comedy

Campaign Comedy was created by Andrea Wilkins.
The Campaign Comedy theme is composed by Stephen Smith of Regdar & The Fighters.
The Campaign Comedy Logo and motion graphics were designed by Jacob Gulliver.


FightCast is produced in Seattle, WA by David Elwyn and Kirsten Wade.
The theme music is Verdi's "Requiem: Dies Irae", performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker.
The FightCast logo was designed by Jacob Gulliver.