Suggested rating: PG-13 for some violence, and mild language.


Powerkid and Darkcop go after a decidedly odd pair of villains. Corona struggles to experience everything she can in the brief time she has on Earth. Glyph goes on a wild metaphysical adventure inside her own mind. The whole crew goes toe-to-toe with Deathside The Conqueror and Chaotrix. The sequel to the 2013 short film Super Academy, this is the low-budget, but epic action comedy series that delves deep into the lives of four students trying to get a degree in Superheroics.

Written and Directed by   Jacob Gulliver & Ben Lifson
Executive Producer   Kyle Dekker
Starring  Ted Femrite, Andy Gullikson, Meredith Larson, Megan Dowd, Victoria LaChelle, Mike Bloom and Alex Jeffrey
Special Guest Star   Lewis (Linkara) Lovhaug

Want to see where it all started? Watch the original pilot here.