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I typically love movies with distinct and deliberate style. A distinct style can often disguise faults in a film, as long as there is even a nugget of substance to the rest of the film. Give me interesting (note I did not say good), or a quick moving story and I can forgive the rest of the film being light on substance. Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010) is a gorgeously pretty film that is vapid and empty of any point.

The story ostensibly is about a woman in an institution under the care of an evil doctor. She escapes and he must find her. That’s an idea that could totally work for a movie, but doesn’t for this one. The story plods and strokes itself for its visuals but never really moves forward. When the movie finally gets outside of the institute, there is a brief and violent encounter, the first pulse the movie has at all, and then it is over. There is a ton of potential here, but it never really materializes.

I do have to say the visuals are stunning. Every scene is like a retro sci-fi painting of the highest caliber. The use of light, shadow, and use of focus is masterful. If you are into a film composed of A+ cinematography and lighting, this one's for you. The sound design, and costumes were also really well done. The film is set in 1983, and they aced the aesthetic.

The visuals are freaking amazing.

The visuals are freaking amazing.

The actors do a good job with what they are given. Michael Rogers is perfectly creepy and unsettling as Barry Nyle the evil doctor at the institute. He really shine sin a scene where he removes his hair and dons a stylish leather suit he goes hunting for his escaped subject in. The rest of the cast is small but all deliver quality performances in a paper thin script.

This movie bored the life out of me. Truly amazing visuals and sound editing couldn’t save this film that was all style over substance. If you are a cinematography geek or love retro sci-fi this may be worth checking out. The visual style is so strong and developed I will be looking forward to further films from writer/director Panos Cosmatos, I hope his future films add some story to his amazing eye for flare.


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