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One of many absolutely gorgeous shots in this movie

One of many absolutely gorgeous shots in this movie

As a film junkie sometimes a film slips through the cracks of your cinema education, and when you filly fix that mistake you are wowed with something amazing. Creed (2016) is the second feature film from writer/director Ryan Coogler, and he delivers a masterpiece of dramatic storying. This may be the best film in the Rocky series, it’s truly amazing. My only complaint is that I didn’t see it in theaters.

The story follows Adonis Johnson an illegitimate love child of Apollo Creed. After years in foster homes, Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) is adopted by Mary Anne Creed (Phylicia Rashad). Adonis aspires to be a professional boxer, but wants to do it on his own merits, not his father’s, and struggles to find a trainer. This leads him to Philadelphia, and the front door of  Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) seeking the aged fighter to train him. Ultimately Adonis gets a chance to fight the world champion for the title and Rocky is at his side.

This movie is driven by the incredible performances of the cast, and the relationships Coogler crafts in the script between the characters. There is Adonis and his adopted mother, they truly love each other and even though she doesn’t approve of his fighting, she roots for him with all her heart in the big fight. Then Adonis and his romantic interest Bianca (Tessa Thompson) two young people trying to make their own path in the world, and supporting each other while they do it. Finally there is Adonis and Rocky. Rocky becomes the father Adonis never had. Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone play off each other well, both show vulnerability and we become very invested in every moment they have on screen. Stallone gives the best performance of his career as he carries all of Rocky’s injuries and loss from the years with him, Rocky’s story in this movie brought me to tears. Michael B. Jordan shines in the lead, he brings the right blend of subtlety to the role with the exact right doses of emotion and intensity for the character. All of this works to make the audience invested in these characters and we are in their corner the whole time.

This is the best movie I’ve seen so far during this film a day project. I was in tears at the end, and I went to bed knowing I had watched something by a filmmaker who will be crafting amazing stories for a long time to come. He has crafted characters you truly care about and woven them into a tale beautifully shot, with some of the best boxing sequences in any movie ever. Sign me up to watch everything Ryan Coogler creates from here on out.


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