Waiting For Gygax

Vladimir & Estragon took a terrible job in a dungeon in the hopes of facing off against the legendary hero Gygax. Will they find glory or despair?

"Waiting For Gygax" is an original stage play, cowritten by Jacob Gulliver & Kyle B. Dekker. It is one part parody of "Waiting For Godot", one-part Dungeons & Dragons themed comedy, and one part classic drama.

Starring Commarrah Bashar, Molly Glover, Andy
Gullikson, & Matt Saxe

Directed by Kyle B. Dekker
Costume Design by Mariah Lamkin
Fight Choreography by Darwin Hull

The show was performed at MN Fringe Festival 2017 you can read reviews of the show here.

If you are interested in a possible remount of the show or rights to perform the show yourself, please contact Kyle B. Dekker: