110 Grapevine

A stop-motion French fairy tale, starring Millie Bobbie Brown, Armie Hammer, Tiffany Haddish, and Kanye West.
Featuring Jacob Gulliver as The Moderator, Alan Smither as The Writer, Kyle Dekker as The Director, and Q Amos as The Producer.

109 Straight Outta Nar Shaddaa

A new Star Wars story featuring Richard Ayoade, The Wu-Tang Clan, and Dichen Lachman.
Featuring George Lucas as The Moderator, Kyle Dekker as The Writer, Jacob Gulliver as The Director, and Q Amos as The Producer.

108 Disconnected

A sci-fi action tragedy, starring Mindy Kaling, Sandra Bullock, Adam Driver, and Michael Peña.
Featuring Ben Lifson as The Moderator, Dave & Heather Rand-McKay as The Writers, Jacob Gulliver as The Director, and Kyle Dekker as The Producer.

107 The Worst Pharmacist In The Universe

A steampunk multiverse adventure, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kirsten Wiig, and Carrot Top.
Featuring Kirsten Wade as The Moderator, Marykate Moran as The Writer, Marcus Williams as The Director, and David Elwyn Traylor as The Producer.

This episode is a switcheroo with the crew of FIGHTCAST! Many to thanks to them for agreeing to do this, and check out their work at www.hotchocolatemedia.net!