006 Nuts About Puns

Eva goes solo and commits even greater larceny with potentially explosive results. We finally learn what happens to everyone in the antechamber. Everyone slowly goes even more crazy!

005 Into The Maw Of The Mountain King

Our investigators discover where the rocks are going and what they might be used for. Prepare for bouts of madness, creatures of the unknown, and more about the "priests on the mountain." Like what you hear? Like Hot Chocolate Media and Campaign: Comedy on Facebook!

004 A Different Kind Of Fog Party

Brick and Donny turn some evidence into sweet fog while Alex, Eva, and Aurora meet the strange Professor Carpenter. There's also a party with Call of Cthulhu-level weirdness. The plot and the atmosphere continue to thicken...

003 Redacted

Alex answers a call from Agent Haller, Aurora gets her flirt on, Vincent asks the important questions, and a plan is hatched.